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are Proud of the Winners of the:

James “Rhio” O’Connor Memorial Scholarship Essay Contest

Over $50,000 Awarded to Date!

Scholarship Winners

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First Prize Winners 2014-2015:

January 2015

Brandi Perry Johnson
Year: Junior
Major: Chiropractic
Parker University

Laura M. Jenkins
Year: Graduate Student
Major: Chemistry
University of South Carolina

December 2014

Albert Kusi Appouh
Year: Junior
Major: Applied Mathematics
Rutgers University – Newark

November 2014

Brittany Denise Jenkins
Year: Graduate Student
Major: Pharmaceuticals and Biomedical Sciences
University of Georgia

October 2014

Allen Muresan
Year: Junior
Major: Music
University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Past Winners:

First Prize:

Rebecca Byler
Year: Senior
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

Noam Zimet
Year: Sophomore
Major: Engineering
University of Michigan

Amanda Angelotto
Major: Medical Student – 3rd Year
Major: Medicine
University of California San Francisco

Second Prize:

Meredith Hickson
Year: Medical Student (first year)
Major: Medicine
University of Michigan

Alicia Nelson
Year: Sophomore
Major: Undeclared
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

Jennifer Ann Ness Schmid
Year: Graduate Student
Major: Nursing
University of San Francisco

Third Prize:

Adrienne Marler
Year: Senior
Major: Anthropology
University of Pittsburgh

Adrian Neal
Year; Freshman
Major: Media Studies
Marymount College

Andrea Brauer
Year: Graduate Student
Major: Pharmacy
University of Hawaii at Hilo

Fourth Prize:

Taylor Marie Allen
Year: Sophomore
Major: Secondary Education – English
Oklahoma State University

Chamath Varun Chandrasekera
Year: Junior
Major: Biochemistry
Baylor University

Donna Memmott
Year: Senior
Major: Art
Rogue Community College

Benjamin Hickox
Year: Graduate Student
Major: Nursing
University of Minnesota

Fifth Prize:

Susan Shammel
Year: Graduate student
Major: Education
Southern Oregon University

Lolita Sosa
Year: Graduate Student (1L)
Major: Political Science
Harvard Law School

Galen Drace
Year: Freshman
Major: Occupational Studies – Culinary Arts
Culinary Institute of America