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Regular Physical Activity May Boost Mesothelioma Survival

Physical Activity Can Boost Mesothelioma Survival

There is new evidence that regular physical activity may help patients with mesothelioma live longer.  A Korean professor has just published the findings of his study on physical activity among lung cancer patients. The findings may be relevant for people with the lung-related cancer, pleural mesothelioma.   Dr. Junga Lee analyzed 11 studies. The studies included more than 6 million lung cancer patients and spanned a 19 year period.  Dr. Lee found that patients’ cardiorespiratory fitness, walking speed, and level of physical activity correlated with how long they lived. Even their leisure activities played a role.  Mesothelioma and Lung Cancer Pleural mesothelioma starts in the lining around the lungs. Because it does not arise from lung cancer cells, it is not … Continue reading Regular Physical Activity May Boost Mesothelioma Survival »