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Mesothelioma Vaccine Researched by UK Team

A team of Welsh researchers has begun studying a promising new immunotherapy treatment for mesothelioma. The researchers at Cardiff University and the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff have partnered with Oxford, England-based Oxford BioMedica to study the company’s immunotherapy cancer vaccine called TroVax. Like other immunotherapy treatments, TroVax works by harnessing the power of the patient’s own immune system. The study’s lead researcher, Dr. Zsuzsanna Tabi of Cardiff University, recently discovered that mesothelioma tumor cells, like many other cancer cells, express a protein called 5T4. TroVax works by stimulating a patient’s body to produce an anti-5T4 immune response which would theoretically then target any tumor cells carrying the 5T4 protein. Although TroVax has been shown to produce an immune response … Continue reading Mesothelioma Vaccine Researched by UK Team »