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Risk for Malnutrition Among Older Mesothelioma Patients

risk for malnutritition

A new study out of Brazil suggests that many older mesothelioma patients may be at risk for malnutrition and the problems that go with it.  The study included more than 4,500 Brazliian cancer patients from 45 hospitals. They were evaluated for their nutritional status, nutritional risk, and nutrition-related symptoms. Among the 25% of cancer patients over 65, more than half faced a moderate to severe risk for malnutrition. The findings suggest it is a problem hospitals should identify and address early for the best mesothelioma treatment outcomes.  Mesothelioma and Nutritional Status As with other types of cancer, nutrition has an affect on the treatment of people with mesothelioma.  An Australian study of pleural mesothelioma patients earlier this year found that … Continue reading Risk for Malnutrition Among Older Mesothelioma Patients »