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While mesothelioma is a problem in all states, the specific incident rate for Utah is 0.8 / 100,000. This is below the average rate of 1.1 / 100,000. Click on the tabs below to find mesothelioma and asbestos research in UT, recent UT mesothelioma-related court cases, mesothelioma specialists in UT and potential asbestos hotspots in Utah.

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Abstract: The occupational lung diseases (e.g., the pneumoconioses–asbestosis, silicosis, coal workers’ pneumoconiosis–and lung cancer, mesothelioma, and airways disease) constitute a major portion of disability among workers. NIH/NIOSH have labeled occupational lung disease number one among occupational diseases and, even though the epidemiology of these disorders has been well described over the past two decades, research scientists have only begun to address their basic mechanisms. The International Conference on the Biological Mechanisms of Occupational Lung Disease (ICBMOLD) has the specific objectives of addressing these basic mechanisms. Speakers and contributors of international caliber have been selected and have agreed to participate in this 7th annual research conference that will address the specific areas of biological mechanisms of occupational lung disease. 

Tags: Diseases, Pathologic Processes (not Classified Elsewhere), Information Dissemination, Meetings Conferences Symposia, Occupational Health, Occupational Diseases, Respiratory Disorders, Lung Disorders (general), Safety And Occupational Health Study Section Diseases, Molecular Level Studies (general), Neoplasms Of Body Cavities, Mesothelioma, Neoplasms Of Respiratory System, Lung Neoplasms, Respiratory Disorders, Pneumoconiosis, Respiratory Disorders, Respiratory Airflow Disorders, Silicates, Silicates, Asbestos

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