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Breast Cancer Drug Shrinks Mesothelioma Tumors in Mice

There is new evidence that a drug used to fight breast cancer may offer a new way to treat the intractable lung-related cancer, malignant pleural mesothelioma. Scientists at Rome’s Regina Elena National Cancer Institute have recently published some encouraging findings on the drug Aromasin (exemestane) in the journal Molecular Cancer. Aromasin is designed to block the enzyme aromatase, which is critical for the synthesis of estrogen. For cancers that are sensitive to estrogen, such a breast cancer, reducing the amount of the hormone in the body by inhibiting aromatase has been shown to curb cancer growth. Based on recent evidence that aromatase may also play a role in malignant mesothelioma, the Italian scientists tested the aromatase inhibitor Aromasin on mesothelioma … Continue reading Breast Cancer Drug Shrinks Mesothelioma Tumors in Mice »