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European Buildings May Be Safer by 2028

mesothelioma risk to war survivors

A British politician says the country should stand behind a new European Parliament report calling for the removal of asbestos from all public buildings by 2028. Asbestos is the number one cause of mesothelioma and Britain has the highest mesothelioma rate in the world, with a death occurring about every five hours. An estimated 4,000 British people die of mesothelioma each year, a full 1,000 more than are typically seen in the U.S.  At greatest risk are the many people who have worked with or around asbestos in construction and various industrial jobs. But Britain’s high number of quickly-built, inexpensive, post-WWII era buildings – many of which are now crumbling – has also been blamed for the high mesothelioma rate. In … Continue reading European Buildings May Be Safer by 2028 »