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Self-Management Activities Benefit Mesothelioma Patients

Self-Management Interventions Benefits Mesothelioma Patients

Self-management activities are a proven way to fight fatigue and anxiety. They also improve poor sleep quality. A recent report showed that self-management activities are improving lung cancer patient outcomes. Results ask mesothelioma patients to use self-management activities. They are a proven way to improve a patient’s quality of life. What are Self-Management Activities? Self-management activities allow patients to manage their disease. These activities include managing symptoms, medications, physical activity, and dietary behaviors. Results say grab a partner! Early-stage disease patients with a partner have the most benefit. Dr. Rachel Anne Rowntree from the University of Wollongong in Australia stated, “This review supports evidence that there are improved outcomes in cancer among those with a partner.” The Studies and the … Continue reading Self-Management Activities Benefit Mesothelioma Patients »