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New Mesothelioma Trial to Test Tri-Modal Approach

new mesothelioma trial

Enrollment is open for a new mesothelioma trial run by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to test a three-prong approach to treatment.  Pleural mesothelioma is a lung-related cancer caused by asbestos. It is notoriously difficult to treat and highly aggressive.  The new mesothelioma trial aims to recruit 150 pleural mesothelioma patients. Patients will receive lung-sparing surgery and chemotherapy. Some will also receive intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT).  Researchers will test which group does better – those who only have surgery and chemotherapy or those who also have targeted radiation therapy. They plan to measure not only survival but also complications, quality of life, and how long it takes for the cancer to come back.  Tri-Modal Treatment to Fight Mesothelioma The … Continue reading New Mesothelioma Trial to Test Tri-Modal Approach »

Triple-Modality Therapy May Improve Mesothelioma Outcomes, Study Suggests

triple-modality therapy

A Canadian study suggests that triple-modality therapy with radiotherapy, immunotherapy, and surgery may extend the lives of people with malignant pleural mesothelioma.  Pleural mesothelioma is an intractable cancer with a poor prognosis. It mainly affects people who have lived or worked around asbestos.  There is no cure for mesothelioma. People who have the best mesothelioma outcomes usually have a combination of treatments.  Now, scientists at Toronto General Hospital’s Research Institute say a triple-modality therapy they tested in mice might have the power to extend human lives, too. Multi-modal Mesothelioma Treatment Pleural mesothelioma is a fast-growing cancer that starts on the membrane around the lungs. Many mesothelioma patients die less than a year after diagnosis.  There is no single accepted treatment … Continue reading Triple-Modality Therapy May Improve Mesothelioma Outcomes, Study Suggests »