Biologic therapy – Surgery – The Netherlands Cancer Institute

Survival: 10.0 months
Toxicity Grade: 5
Treatments: Biologic therapy
Country: Netherlands
City/State/Province: Amsterdam
Hospital: The Netherlands Cancer Institute
Journal: Link
Date: 10/2001


Patients: This Phase I/II study involved 28 patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma.

Treatment: The treatment consisted of surgery (pleuropneumonectomy) with intraoperative photodynamic therapy (the drug mTHPC). (Photodynamic therapy is a technique that uses non-thermal lasers to activate light-sensitive drugs.)

Toxicity: Three patients died in the perioperative period (the period immediately preceding, during and after a surgical procedure.) One of the three deaths was directly related to photodynamic therapy.

Results: The overall median survival time was 10 months.

Support: The study was supported in part by Scotia Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Scotia manufactures the drug, mTHPC.

Correspondence: Paul Bass, MD, PhD

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