Survival:6.8 months
Toxicity Grade:5
Country:United States
City/State/Province:St. Louis, MO
Hospital:Washington University School of Medicine
Patients: This Phase II study involved 43 patients with advanced mesothelioma. Thirty-nine patients were men and four were women. The median age was 72 years.

Treatment: The treatment consisted of one chemotherapeutic agent: gefitinib.

Toxicity: One patient died during this study of respiratory failure. Grade 3-4 toxicities included dehydration, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting.

Results: The median overall survival was 6.8 months. Twenty-four patients responded to treatment (1 complete response, 1 partial response). However, the authors concluded, “gefitinib was not active in malignant mesothelioma.”

Correspondence: Ramaswamy Govindan