You might have heard the news…

Most mesothelioma patients can expect to live for about a year and half… or less.

Four to 18 months.

That’s it.

But with the latest advances in a treatment called HIPEC, patients are now surviving TWICE as long.

… and sometimes even longer. 

According to a study published in 2019 in the Journal of Surgical Oncology, the average survival rate with HIPEC is now 35 months… that’s almost 3 years!

But what exactly is HIPEC? What can you expect? And are there any “secrets” to making HIPEC work even better?

There are so many questions that need answering. Like…

  • Is HIPEC safe? How do you know it won’t kill you?
  • Are you going to be worse off by doing the treatment rather than doing nothing?
  • Can you do other treatments if you choose to do HIPEC? 
  • What other treatments or therapies can you do to make HIPEC even better?
  • What should you expect before, during and after the HIPEC procedure?
  • What’s your quality of life going to be like after HIPEC? Are you going to be in constant pain? Will you be able to take care of yourself? Will you be able to walk? Are you going to be able to use the bathroom like you can now? What about your diet, does that have to change? Are there going to be any other big changes in your life after HIPEC? For how long?
  • After you’ve done the treatment, how will you even know if the treatment is working?
  • And what should you do after HIPEC to keep getting better?
  • How do you know you’re making the right choice?

It can get really overwhelming… and fast.

But don’t worry. You’re in good hands… 

We interviewed one of the top HIPEC surgeons in the country, to try and answer as many of these questions as possible.

Doctor Daniel Labow, the Vice Chair of Surgery in a leading hospital in New York City has done over 750 HIPEC surgeries and is a leading expert in the field.

He agreed to have a chat with us and explain in simple language what HIPEC is, what to expect and answer any other questions you might have.

It’s all in the book “HIPEC and Mesothelioma: What To Expect”.

And the best part?

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With this book, you’ll see exactly what is involved with HIPEC, and be able to decide if you want to do the treatment.

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  • Get Clarity on HIPEC So You Can Make Educated Treatment Decisions
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  • Understand What Happens in Typical HIPEC Procedures – From Pre-Op to Post-Op
  • Learn About the Common Complications of HIPEC and How They Are Managed
  • Know When Your Family Can Be Present and What to Expect When You Wake Up
  • Get The Complete Timeline of Your HIPEC Recovery 
  • HIPEC & Quality of Life: How to Minimize Side Effects
  • Discover the Medication and Non-Medication Options for Pain Management
  • See The Pros and Cons of HIPEC and Decide if It’s Right for You
  • The Final Answer: Is HIPEC the Best Option for You? Get the Facts and Make an Informed Decision

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P.S: HIPEC is now proven to give mesothelioma patients an average of 3 years. But what if there was a way to live for another 25 years? See how Paul Kraus has survived mesothelioma for over 25 yearsclick here now.