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Balancing Work and Mesothelioma Cancer Care

Challenges Balancing Work and Mesothelioma Cancer Care

A new study from Baylor College of Medicine gives a recipe to support cancer caregivers. Caregiving for a family member or close friend with cancer can be hard. And it can be even more demanding for those who are employed. It is difficult to juggle work responsibilities while providing mesothelioma care. A new article in the Cancers journal highlights resources to support these caregivers. They describe the financial, work, and mental health impacts of cancer care. They provide tips for employers, healthcare, and community-based organizations to support these caregivers. The Experience of Employed Cancer Caregivers Individuals with mesothelioma most usually rely on their informal caregivers. Informal caregivers are usually the patient’s spouse or partner, a family member, or a close friend. … Continue reading Balancing Work and Mesothelioma Cancer Care »

Maximizes Your Immune Cell Response with High-Intensity Exercise

High-Intensity Exercise Maximizes Immune Cell Response

There is an increasing role of high-intensity exercise training in cancer care. Evidence suggests that exercise can reduce side effects of treatment. And it has the added benefits of improving physical functioning and quality of life. Exercise leads to an increase of adrenalin, which also triggers a patient’s natural immune response. This can alter the tumor microenvironment and lead to reduced tumor growth. New data suggest that exercise could improve immune responses against cancer cells. It works by increasing immune cell infiltration to the tumor. And it may have an impact on disease progression. A new clinical trial has been initiated. It will investigate if high-intensity exercise can benefit patients with lung cancer. Can adrenalin mobilize and increase the infiltration … Continue reading Maximizes Your Immune Cell Response with High-Intensity Exercise »