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Predicting Unresectable Mesothelioma Prior to Surgery

unresectable mesothelioma

Cancer researchers at Baylor have found an effective way to identify certain cases of unresectable mesothelioma without making an incision. They focused on a common reason a surgeon might decide not to operate, even after the patient is on the table. The condition, called DCWI, is hard to identify without opening the patient up.  But the Baylor team says there is a non-invasive way to identify DCWI and predict cases of unresectable mesothelioma. If it works, it could save patients the pain of surgery. It could also save lives by allowing doctors to start other mesothelioma treatments sooner.  Diffuse Chest Wall Invasion in Mesothelioma Diffuse chest wall invasion (DCWI) is a condition that can make it impossible to perform effective … Continue reading Predicting Unresectable Mesothelioma Prior to Surgery »