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Asbestos on Ships Still Poses a Mesothelioma Risk to Sailors

asbestos on ships

A new report warns that sailors are still at risk for malignant mesothelioma because of asbestos on ships – in spite of OSHA regulations. A pair of public health researchers authored the report which appears in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.  Sailors face a number of health risks, including malignant mesothelioma. But the authors of the new report say more studies focus on people who work in shipyards.  They say there is not enough attention on the mesothelioma risk among people who not only work but also live with asbestos on ships.  The Use of Asbestos on Ships Asbestos is a naturally-occurring mineral. It must be mined from the ground and then processed into various products. … Continue reading Asbestos on Ships Still Poses a Mesothelioma Risk to Sailors »

Mesothelioma in Seafarers: Cancer Risk at Sea

mesothelioma in seafarers

New research has revealed a higher risk for mesothelioma in seafarers and fisherman in Nordic countries. A seafarer is someone who makes their living at sea. The study conducted by the Danish Cancer Society found an elevated risk in most types of cancer among Nordic seafarers. Mesothelioma was one of just three cancers whose cause was not difficult to guess. The research included tens of thousands of seamen and fisherman and spanned more than 40 years. The authors say malignant mesothelioma in seafarers is the result of on-the-job asbestos exposure. Asbestos at Sea Asbestos is a toxic mineral. It causes malignant mesothelioma and several other types of cancer. Before scientists made the connection between asbestos and cancer, it was a … Continue reading Mesothelioma in Seafarers: Cancer Risk at Sea »

Sailors Unknowingly Faced Mesothelioma Risk

Sailors who worked aboard Navy vessels during World War II and the Korean War knew they would face risks.  But many did not realize that one of the greatest risks – asbestos causing mesothelioma – was invisible and was prevalent inside their own destroyers, aircraft carriers, and submarines, as well as throughout the ship yards. Until about the late 1970’s, asbestos was used extensively in ship-building, particularly in areas – such as around boilers or in engine rooms – where exposure to high heat was likely.  Because of its heat resistant properties, the material was also commonly used in the insulation of walls and around the pipes of ships. As a result, many sailors who worked in areas where asbestos was used, … Continue reading Sailors Unknowingly Faced Mesothelioma Risk »