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PET/CT and Mesothelioma Staging: Better Imaging Techniques are Needed

PET Scan

Scientists with the Institute of Diagnostic and interventional Radiology at the University Hospital of Zurich have just released a new study detailing the benefits and limitations of PET/CT. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a nuclear medicine imaging technique that produces three-dimensional pictures of functional processes in the body. When combined with computed tomography (CT), which uses x-rays and a computer to produce cross-sectional images, PET can give clinicians a more complete picture of cancer growth and stage. To determine the value of PET/CT in the staging of mesothelioma, the Swiss team analyzed the cases of 62 pleural mesothelioma patients who were undergoing chemotherapy prior to a planned surgery. Since the goal of this induction chemotherapy is to shrink tumors to … Continue reading PET/CT and Mesothelioma Staging: Better Imaging Techniques are Needed »

For Mesothelioma Staging PET/CT Tops PET/MRI

PET Scan

Standard PET/CT beats PET/MRI for diagnosing and staging pleural tumors such as mesothelioma. That is the conclusion reached by a team of radiology researchers in Zurich who evaluated  the two imaging modalities side-by-side for a variety of different cancers, including mesothelioma. Positron emission tomography is a nuclear imaging technique that produces 3D images of functional or metabolic processes in the body. Patients are given a radioactive tracer (usually FDG, a molecule similar to glucose) and the PET machine detects concentrations of the tracer in body tissues. Because FDG is an analog of glucose, it will concentrate where metabolic activity is highest, often in cancer cells. The combination of PET with computed tomography, an X-ray imaging study that produces tomographic images or … Continue reading For Mesothelioma Staging PET/CT Tops PET/MRI »