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Mesothelioma Patients Lack Psychosocial Support

Most newly diagnosed mesothelioma patients need more psychosocial support than they are getting, according to a British sociologist. Sara Arber is a professor in the University of Surrey’s School of Health and Social Care in Surrey, England.  To conduct a study on the psychological and social impact of a mesothelioma diagnosis, Arber and colleague L. Spencer conducted face-to-face interviews with 10 mesothelioma patients within three months of their diagnoses. After analyzing the data, the two concluded that many newly diagnosed mesothelioma patients feel uncertainty and a lack of control surrounding their illness, leading to what they call “emotional, physical and psychosocial” distress.  They report that mesothelioma patients they talked to tended to feel like they were hearing “all bad news” from their … Continue reading Mesothelioma Patients Lack Psychosocial Support »