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The RARECARE Project: An International Network Includes Mesothelioma

The RARECARE Project: An International Network Includes Mesothelioma

The RARECARE Project is a network of international clinicians who support rare tumor patients. This includes malignant mesothelioma, the asbestos-caused cancer.

RARECARE wants to ensure access to clinical trials. And to the second opinion of cancer specialists. They are working towards guaranteeing equal health care access and better care management.

Humble Beginnings

In 2008, the European Commission started the RARECARE project. It is a cancer registry with patient data. They are trying to define the incidence, prevalence, and outcome of rare cancers. Soon, the RARECARE registry led to a second project, RARECAREnet. This updated and enlarged the available information on rare cancers in Europe.

Mesothelioma remains one of the rarest of rare cancers. It is more common in the UK than it is in most other countries. Mesothelioma patients are less likely to get an accurate diagnosis in time to receive effective treatments. This is true of many other with rare cancers.

Then the Joint Action on Rare Cancers was launched in 2016. It included 34 partners from different countries belonging to the European Community. All are looking to improve their knowledge of rare cancers. They offer education to healthcare professionals. And they promote the integration of medical research on rare cancer care.

In 2017, the European Reference Networks were established. They improved the most appropriate care for patients with rare diseases. This included over 900 highly-specialized providers from over 300 hospitals in 26 countries.

Giving An Optimistic Outlook

This international network aims to guarantee equal access to treatment for rare tumors. They want to increase the quality of care for rare cancer patients.

This international network represents the best option to support rare tumor patients. And they represent a global effort for all patients to access a correct, timely diagnosis. As well as access to appropriate and most up-to-date care. All mesothelioma patients should have access to clinical trials. And, they should have access to a second opinion of highly-specialized providers.

The optimism of this international network is strong. They are working hard to guarantee equal health care access. And the RARECARE Project promises a bright future in mesothelioma care in Europe.


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