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Mesothelioma Patients with Coronavirus: Artificial Intelligence to Provide Best Treatment Plan

Mesothelioma Patients with Coronavirus and Artificial IntelligenceMesothelioma patients are vulnerable to the coronavirus due to their poor immune response. Artificial intelligence can provide information used to treat cancer patients diagnosed with coronavirus.

Hospitals have access to real-time data from cancer patients. Artificial intelligence uses this data to predict the severity of the patient’s risk. And, it can help physicians alter or change their treatment plans.

A mix of treatment therapies can heal mesothelioma patients with coronavirus. Artificial intelligence can predict a patient’s treatment plan to increase survival rates.

Coronavirus Disrupts Normal Treatment Plans

The coronavirus pandemic has caused chaos throughout the world. The key threat of the coronavirus is in immune-compromised mesothelioma patients. Their weakened immune response makes them weak and at risk.

Oncologists and their mesothelioma patients with coronavirus are facing many problems during the coronavirus pandemic. Quarantine measures have included stay-at-home mandates and hospital staff shortages. Many treatment sessions have been delayed. Surgery, chemotherapy, or radiotherapy have been postponed.

Many doctors have turned to a combination of cancer treatment therapies. Hospital workers are trying to balance risk from the virus and treatment plans. Using a combination of therapies is helpful for the patient. And, it can reduce the burden on the healthcare system.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Reduce Mortality Risk

Physicians use artificial intelligence to analyze mesothelioma patients with coronavirus to reduce mortality.

Artificial intelligence gives real-time data on patient characteristics and past treatments. This data will make it easier for doctors to change the treatment plan to increase the chance of success.

A mix of immunotherapy and nanotherapy can treat mesothelioma patients with coronavirus. Artificial intelligence is used to track a patient’s treatment plan.

Reduce Mortality Risk and Enhance Treatment Planning

Mesothelioma patients have more chances to become infected with the coronavirus. There are more chances for mesothelioma patients with coronavirus because they have a weak immune response.

Dr. Tanvi Gupta, from the National Cheng Kung University Institute of Clinical Medicine, stated, “As this pandemic has created a huge impact and challenged the medical facilities worldwide and there is an urgent need to diagnose the patients infected with COVID-19, especially with the cancer as they are more vulnerable at this stage due to their weakened immune response.”

There is still an urge to figure out the best and simple way to detect, diagnose and control the coronavirus. Artificial intelligence can track the spread of the virus, identify patients who are more prone to the virus, and help them.

Artificial intelligence can track a patient’s mortality risk and enhance treatment planning.


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