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Mesothelioma Multidisciplinary Team Improves Patient Outcomes

Localized Mesothelioma Successfully Treated with Chemotherapy and Surgery

Oxford University Hospital found that a multidisciplinary team is best in mesothelioma care. This treatment approach includes many doctors who are experts in different specialties. Together, they offer the best clinical decision-making team, and they improve patient outcomes. There are many factors that impact clinical decision-making. But this new report focuses on which factors improve mesothelioma patient care. And which factors support informed decisions about follow-up care. Results showed that the most important factor is a strong team of doctors. Two Heads are Better than One Malignant pleural mesothelioma is a rare, incurable cancer coming from asbestos exposure. Patients have a poor prognosis and a median survival rate of 8 to 14 months. Differences in mesothelioma clinical decision-making are common. … Continue reading Mesothelioma Multidisciplinary Team Improves Patient Outcomes »

Multidisciplinary Care for Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma Needs a Multidisciplinary Team of Doctors

Italian doctors say patients are more likely to enter clinical trials when they have multidisciplinary care for mesothelioma.  Inclusion in clinical trials is one of the best ways for mesothelioma patients to access cutting edge treatments.  The study shows multidisciplinary care for mesothelioma helps funnel patients into trials. It  also provides better monitoring of treatment response and better access to palliative care.  What is the Multidisciplinary Approach? In most hospitals, mesothelioma patients receive diagnosis from a cancer doctor or oncologist. The oncologist orders the appropriate diagnostic tests and helps craft the treatment plan. Diagnostic imaging or radiotherapy for mesothelioma is usually overseen by radiology specialists. But multidisciplinary care for mesothelioma involves a bigger team of people. The team consists of … Continue reading Multidisciplinary Care for Mesothelioma »