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Mesothelioma Multidisciplinary Team Improves Patient Outcomes

Localized Mesothelioma Successfully Treated with Chemotherapy and Surgery

Oxford University Hospital found that a multidisciplinary team is best in mesothelioma care.

This treatment approach includes many doctors who are experts in different specialties. Together, they offer the best clinical decision-making team, and they improve patient outcomes.

There are many factors that impact clinical decision-making. But this new report focuses on which factors improve mesothelioma patient care. And which factors support informed decisions about follow-up care.

Results showed that the most important factor is a strong team of doctors.

Two Heads are Better than One

Malignant pleural mesothelioma is a rare, incurable cancer coming from asbestos exposure. Patients have a poor prognosis and a median survival rate of 8 to 14 months.

Differences in mesothelioma clinical decision-making are common. One doctor may give different advice than another. There is also often a lack of knowledge sharing between clinics.

Even at the same hospital, a patient may get conflicting advice. This can lead to conflicts in treatment decisions.

We don’t know a lot about factors that affect clinicians’ decision-making in mesothelioma. But this is key to ensuring that mesothelioma patients get the best advice and support.

And this is the question that Oxford researchers wanted to answer.

Researchers found something interesting about how clinicians conduct team meetings. They found that a multidisciplinary team structure works best for mesothelioma.

Multidisciplinary teams are a popular model of health care delivery. They offer patients managed care services from different specialists. Many doctors come together to diagnose problems early and develop cohesive treatment plans.

A multidisciplinary team improves mesothelioma outcomes. Clinicians are better supported in this setting. And patients are better informed.

Using Multidisciplinary Teams to Optimize Patient Care

Healthcare professionals should always consider a multidisciplinary team structure for mesothelioma. Policymakers are also encouraged to consider this approach.

A multidisciplinary team ensures that patients are reviewed by clinicians with appropriate expertise. This team of experts shares an understanding of how, why, and when decisions should be made. Together, this team of mesothelioma experts can act to achieve optimal patient care outcomes.


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